Daniel Spagnoli


I'm a guy who does stuff with computers and electronics. You Really want to read this? Ok.

I got one of those electronics kits as a kid, my grandfather taught me how to build simple circuits. It was fun. But this was before the Internet, and there weren't a lot of cool kits, you only have so much fun lighting up light bulbs.

I really like video games. In middle school we got to learn Macromedia Director, which is like a stone-age version of Flash. I built some simple time-action click games.

Then I got pokemon, and was way into that. Using books from the library I built a simple text-based version of it in Q-Basic, I remember being proud I figured out how to change the text colors.

In high school I got more into modding games. I built some fun mods for Duke Nukem 3d which was made on the very good (for the time) Build3d engine. I also got into building Half-Life levels in Hammer. I was always trying to make fully interactive environments, which usually crashed the engine. My crowning achievement was building out the lobby from the Matrix voxel style by hand, which made it fully destroyable, which was really cool back in 2000.

My college major, "Design and Technology", allowed me to focus on several different things. I tried to get into 3d modeling, but found myself getting too frustrated with how unstable 3d design programs of the time where, and moved into motion graphics and videography. I also put a lot of focus on interaction design, which ranged from building things with BASIC Stamp (Arduino only came out the last year I was in college). I also did early computer vision projects in Processing and MAX/MSP. My thesis project was a game built in Flash.

After graduating I got a job as a production design at VH1. I don't like doing the same thing over and over again so I pretty quickly started writing After Effects scripts to do my work for me. I later started programing dynamic graphics that generated information themselves. I now work with the social team coming up with innovative marketing stunts using emerging social media and technology.

Oh yeah. At some point in all this I used to throw a party/concert in Brooklyn. I built interactive visuals as well as learned how to take care of all that 'live-events' production stuff.

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